Principal's Message

A Message from Our Principal


Principal, ISCS Nad Al Sheba

It is my pleasure, on behalf of our students, staff, and community, to welcome you to the International School of Creative Science, Nad Al Sheba. Located in Nad Al Sheba 3, we are at the heart of a growing community, drawing admissions from across Dubai, and Sharjah, because of our focus on academic excellence, rooted in faith. This website intends to introduce you to our school, a safe and inspiring learning environment that helps your children realise their full potential.

At ISCS Nad Al Sheba, we believe that nurturing holistic communities is the purpose of education. This means helping students achieve academic excellence, driven by virtuous dispositions, and a strong moral compass. Our aspiration, therefore, is to enable learners to have the passion for seeking knowledge, to care about the world, and be able to define solutions to make their impact in it. Our curriculum provides the skills and attitudes to do this. We provide a unique blend of the UK National Curriculum, delivered by UK qualified staff, and the Ministry of Education curriculum, woven together through the values of our school’s vision and mission. Curriculum skills, therefore, are always linked to real-life experiences, innovation, faith, and UAE culture.

The Quran programme ensures children develop a love for recitation and memorisation, promoting the importance of oral literacy in the region.

Our passion for language enables students to develop a passion, and proficiency for English and Arabic, kindling the mission of the UAE, to secure Arabic as a language of the future.

We expect very high standards of work and behaviour, from all our students. We do this by enabling learners to take ownership of their progress, and setting personalised targets for their growth. We strive for excellence in teaching practices, consistently across the school, where children are constantly in the challenge zone to expand their knowledge. The after-school programmes, trips, and pastoral programmes, all ensure that students develop a passion for activities which they can pursue outside of school, and later in life. We are a Duke of Edinburgh school and deliver the mini-Dukes/Junior Duke awards for our younger students. The school’s Virtues curriculum ensures that every subject takes opportunities to reflect on the pursuit of knowledge, good character, and spiritual development.

If you are thinking of joining ISCS Nad Al Sheba, know that you are joining a diverse community of families, from over 75 nationalities, with the same vision for their children. Our community is an essential part of our school, it helps us improve and grow, and contribute through the delivery of key initiatives, like the Rights Respecting Council, Emirati Steering Group, and Parent Workshops. Collectively, we join hands in building a future for our students, in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates at large.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school community, and hope you are as inspired as we are, to nurture our future.