Our Leadership

Leadership at the International School of Creative Science, Nad Al Sheba

The leadership consists of professionals carefully selected for their experience, knowledge, and skills providing high-quality educational outcomes to a diverse student body. Our school leaders are all experienced in British or International schools. Their vision and sense of purpose are critical to lighting the way forward for our students and teachers. All leaders take great pride in being of service to the learning community as a whole and at the heart of the work they do is always the keen sense of awareness of evaluating the impact they are having on students and their learning, and it is this commitment to impact that drives them to make student-centred decisions.


The team at ISCS NAS are carefully selected from the international educational community, for their qualifications, and dedication to the vision and mission of the school.

At ISCS Nad Al Sheba, teachers who teach the UK National curriculum have Qualified Teacher Status, from the United Kingdom, and are committed to the outcomes we aspire for our students. Teachers of MOE subjects are specialists of their fields, with teaching qualifications, ensuring that our passion for Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Quran, have depth and breadth in delivery.

Our continuous development programme ensures that teachers are kept up to date in their skills, in line with the school’s priorities, and international best practices. Leaders are encouraged to access the UK’s National Professional Qualifications, and complete research projects based on school’s improvement priorities.

As a BSO school, leaders mentor newly qualified teachers to complete their induction year, in conjunction with the Arthur Terry Teaching school, in the UK.

Our Senior Leadership Team

Executive Principal

Mr. Ataullah Parkar

Executive Principal

Mr. Ataullah is the Executive Principal at the Creative Science Schools in Dubai. Mr. Ataullah has been a Senior Leader in schools for over a decade, including being a Head Teacher in the United Kingdom. Ataullah has led ISCS through multiple inspections, including the most recent 2019 KHDA inspection where the school was rated Good with Very Good and Outstanding features. In the same year, the school achieved Good with Outstanding ratings from the British Schools Overseas, registering the school as an International British school with the Department for Education, UK.

Mr. Ataullah has led the Virtues programme across BEAM schools, an integrated approach which promotes faith-based virtues within the curriculum.

Prior to working as a Head Teacher, Mr. Ataullah has worked within the strategic education departments of multiple local authorities in the UK, as a board member of the Association of Muslim Schools UK, and as a Policy Manager for Ofqual; advising the UK government on vocational and GCSE qualification reforms.

Mr. Ataullah completed his National Professional Qualification for Head Teachers in 2017, and completed his National Professional Qualification for Executive Leaders in 2022. He has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and a Masters in Leadership and Management. Ataullah teaches the social sciences and is passionate about liberal arts education.


Mr. Farhan Abdulla


Mr. Farhaan Abdulla is the Vice-Principal of ISCS and has been working in the education sector for over two decades, having held a wide array of positions within the field. His core belief is that ‘educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.’

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with First Class Honours, a Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching and a National Professional Qualification in Headship (NPQH).

Mr. Farhaan joined ISCS Nad Al Sheba in April 2018 as Head of Primary, having previously led an outstanding school in the UK. He was appointed as Vice-Principal in December 2019 and has since worked on setting ambitious targets for school improvement and worked with teams to ensure these come to fruition.

Through his passion for teaching and learning, he leads on cultivating a culture where passionate and inspired teachers are given the space, support and challenge to perfect their 'craft' so that they grow students who think critically, are grounded in the school's core values and achieve their full potential.

Mr Farhaan plays a leading role in the strategic planning and operations of the school to ensure excellent student outcomes through ensuring an inclusive learning community that is laser focused on academic, social and moral development.

Head of Operations

Atallah Al Masri

Head of Operations

My name is Atallah Al Masri and I am the Head of Operations at the International School of Creative Science – Nad Al Sheba. With over eight years of experience in the education industry, I am a Certified Business Professional (CBP) from the International Business Association. I graduated with a master's degree in Clinical Physiology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. I am also certified by the National Examination Board in Safety and Health (NEBOSH).

I ensure that the Operations Teams will work tirelessly to maintain our school’s reputation as an outstanding institute in health and safety with the culture of proactivity and safeguarding as the driving force to ensure safe, smooth, and effective operations for our students to experience daily!

Sabah Hussein Shide

Head of EYFS

Sabah Hussein Shide is the Head of EYFS at the International School of Creative Science, Nad al Sheba, joining the school in August 2017. Sabah is a passionate and inspiring educator with a career spanning over a decade in early years education. Prior to her current role, Sabah worked in various roles within UK based schools, including as a teacher and as a member of both middle and senior leadership teams.

Sabah has a deep understanding of the Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework and has played a key role in ensuring its effective implementation within an international context whilst drawing upon the rich traditions and cultural diversity that the UAE has to offer. She is most passionate about cultivating and nurturing independent, confident, and curious learners who are deeply engaged and enthralled by the learning process.

Sabah holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business Management and Psychology with First Class Honours from the University of Gloucestershire, England and a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management from the University of Bristol, England.

Her achievements include improving academic outcomes for the school’s youngest learners, increasing attainment for all students across prime and specific areas of learning, improving parental engagement and understanding of learning in EYFS, transforming continuous provision and establishing an enabling learning environment that has the unique child at its core.

Head of Primary

Hodan Salah

Head of Primary

Hodan Salah is the Head of Primary at the International School of Creative Science - Nad Al Sheba. Since joining the school in September of 2017, she has worked as a member of both middle and senior leadership team and has been instrumental in overseeing the rapid growth of the primary phase to almost double its original size in the last three years, with year-on-year improvements in children’s outcomes and attainment.

Hodan’s career spans over 14 years in a variety of school contexts across both primary and secondary education in the UK and the UAE. Hodan is a passionate and resilient leader and understands the balance of providing high quality education alongside a nurturing and caring environment for students. She is a strong believer in values lead learning which aligns perfectly to ISCS's values which promotes excellence rooted in faith.

Hodan’s considers herself a life-long learner and recently earned a National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership. She is also on path to complete a Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Exeter, England.

Head of Secondary & Sixth Form

Jorna Khalique

Head of Secondary & Sixth Form

Jorna Khalique is a dedicated and experienced educator with over 15 years of rich teaching experience from the UK and UAE. Jorna previously served as a Head of department in an outstanding school in the UK, and ISCS Muweilah, where she achieved remarkable success in elevating the academic performance in Computing and Business.

Jorna has successfully served in several leadership roles, from Advanced Skills teacher (AST) to Head of Computing, Curriculum development and BTEC Coordinator. An accomplished middle leader with a comprehensive background in curriculum development, vocational coordination and departmental leadership, fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Jorna has successfully launched and implemented the BTEC programme at ISCS NAS overseeing the centre accreditation, internal verification and successful inspections for BTEC. Jorna has recently completed her NPQSL in her pursuit for leadership development providing her with a solid foundation in critical leadership concepts, frameworks, and best practices, ultimately enabling her to make meaningful impact on educational outcomes.

We look forward to Miss Jorna’s impact on securing excellent outcomes for our students. Please extend your full support to help make her role a success.

Head of MOE Subjects

Amna Alzoubi

Head of MOE Subjects

Ms. Amna studied teaching procedures for 2 years and has over 17 years of teaching experience in both Syria and UAE. In which she has been teaching Arabic as a second language for 8 years. These years were the most interesting years for her as she enjoyed every minute teaching Arabic ASL to her students who always show eagerness to learn the language of Quran.

Amna Alzoubi is leading this role to guide and support stuents regarding all the MOE Subjects ( the Holy Quran, Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, Social Studies).

Head of Inclusion

Umar Seyyed Naeem

Head of Inclusion

My name is Umar Seyyed Naeem and I am currently the Head of Inclusion at the International School of Creative Science – Nad Al Sheba.

I received my undergraduate in Business and Psychology at Aston University in 2011. I completed my postgraduate certificate in education at Birmingham City University in 2014. I went on to complete the National Award for SENCO in 2018 at Middlesex University and plan to undertake my NPQH in 2023 at University College London.

I am passionate when it comes to removing barriers and ensuring access for all. Furthermore, My teaching career has provided me with the opportunities to work alongside students and teachers to continuously improve myself & influence a positive educational culture; one that encourages students to believe in themselves and their potential.