Parent Engagement

When parents are engaged in their child’s learning, it is shown to increase a student’s success. At the International; School of Creative Science, we continuously strive to ensure that parents can stay connected through multiple platforms. We offer ongoing training sessions and workshops for existing and newly enrolled parents to keep our community thriving and up to date with innovative resources.

Parent Portal

Parents may follow up on the education of their children at their fingertips via the personalised web portal accessed securely using individual login details. This cutting-edge system was designed to provide parents with information on their children’s progress, daily schedule, weekly schemes, assessments, parent notices, homework, attendance, assessment results, canteen utilisation and credit, library resource utilisation, and overall financial status, and other details of their account with the school. The school uses the portal as one of the primary means of communication between parents and teachers.

Help Desk

Queries can be tracked via our Help Desk.